#AdanolaActive: Three Exercises for Instant Results

Whilst monitoring progress on your fitness journey, its always great to see results. Staying in touch with your body along the way and keeping track of results is a great way to stay motivated and positive. Although most routines are built for longevity and promise results in several weeks, here's a few simple ways to see results almost immediately!



1. Deadlifts

Deadlifts target your bodies largest muscle group, the glutes. After performing this exercise the glutes are definitely more defined and much firmer straight away.

Stand hip width apart, holding two dumbbells (one each hand), with an overhead grip. Knees bent slightly, bend at your hip height and lower your upper body down to the ground. Raise your torso back to the beginning position. 


2. Sumo Squats

To firm up the muscles in your inner thighs and your booty, try the Sumo squat to feel tighter and stronger straight away. 

Stand shoulder width apart, turning your toes right out to 45 degrees. Lower into squat position and come back up. Try 3 sets of 15 reps. 


3. KettleBell Swings

Our dear friends Kettlebells can be used in such a variety of ways, try a simple Kettlebell swing to promote a toned back and hamstrings. This excerise will increase your heart rate, make you sweat and therefore reduce bloating from water retention. 

Stand shoulder width apart and bend your knees. Swing the kettle bell back between your legs and bring it up so its in front of your chest, with a thrust of your legs and your hips. Try 3 sets of 12.