#AdanolaActive: Our top three favourite ab exercises

.... and not a crunch in sight! 

Everyone loves to see tone in their abs, and here we breakdown three of our favourite moves for maximum impact and killer abs. 

Bicycle Crunch

great exercise for the lower abdominals as well as the obliques. To step up and make the move a little harder, add weights to your legs or ankles. 

Vertical Leg Raise

Try this move using a captains chair and support your body with your elbows. Hold onto the hand levers and bring your knees into your chest before lowering the legs out straight back down to the ground. 

Flutter Kicks

A great move to work the abdominals and back muscles. Lie flat with your hands underneath your glutes and raise the legs off the floor. Kick them out alternatively approximately 10 inches off the ground. Try to continue for at least 20 seconds before a brief rest to begin the move again.

Hyrum Cook