#AdanolaActive: Why is Barre Core great for your body?

Barre Core is the ballet-inspired workout thats taken the fitness world by storm. We give you the low-down on why you should try it and reap the rewards...


1. Core 

The class requires constant core strength, like yoga, and so the repeated movements over the course of the class are constantly targeting those abs. This also helps to increase your endurance performance meaning you'll find it easier and easier.

2. Posture 

Keep a straight back is key to a barre core class, and this helps to achieve proper alignment of your hips and shoulders while you attempt to raise your leg higher in a raise, for example. This will make you aware of your posture outside of the class too, promoting organ health. 

3. Flexibility 

The movements help you to increase the range of motion in your legs and helps to elongate muscle groups, including hamstrings and hip muscles. Not only does flexibility mean your joints are in great health and supple, it also improves coordination.

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Leah Gibbons