#AdanolaActive: Abs without the Planks

Although planking is great for giving your body an all over tone, assuming this position every time you go the gym can be a little boring. Good old fashioned crunches can be just as effective for targeting the core.

Try these three clever moves can help when your all planked out, do for 45 seconds, rest for 5, then repeat the circuit for three rounds. 

1. V Ups - sit up with knees bent in towards torso. place hands on floor either side of your waist. Lean back in a controlled motion extending the legs out in front of you. Bring yourself back into the original sitting position with knees bent. Repeat for 45 seconds. 

2. Diagonal Crunch - lead on your right side, support your body by balancing on your forearm. Try to maintain straight legs, then raise them and reach left hand towards the leg. Change sides after 45 seconds and repeat.

3. Belly Up Crunch - with your body lead face upwards, place your arms behind your head. Lift legs so that your shins are parallel to the floor, whilst you bring hands to your knees. 





Leah Gibbons