#AdanolaActive: Target abs, obliques and muffin top in one workout

Target your problem areas (the usual suspects, Abs, Obliques and Muffin Top) with this easy routine! 

First, a warm up with running sets for 60 seconds per set x 3. Bicycle crunches, dead bug and criss cross crunches are great for targeting those pesky abs without being a slave to sit ups. Side planks can be difficult, take your time to manage your stability. 

Alternating superman is a great move for targeting the wobble above your bum. You should feel this area burn through the process of the exercise. Move into an Inch Worm and feel that muffin top melt away. End with a dumbbell side bend to target those obliques for abs of steel. 

Finally, to end complete the work out with a Russian Twist and Plank Hip Dips.

Hyrum Cook