#AdanolaActive: 8 ways to save on your gym membership

With the New Year, comes new found motivation for getting fit and healthy - step number one; join a gym. It also comes with a smaller bank balance (ouch), after all the festivities. So, if you are looking to get fit this 2017 and are also looking to save money, here are 8 tips that can hopefully save you some money on your gym membership. 

1.     Compare prices

 It's sensible to compare prices for gyms close to your home as well as close to your work. Often gyms further away from the city centre are cheaper, therefor you should compare prices for both locations and weigh up the convenience. 

2.     Ask for the best deal

 It sounds pretty obvious but make sure you ask that you're on the best deal. Be specific with your questions, ask things like "Are you running any online discounts at the moment?", "Do you have any plans to run promotions in the near future?" or, "I'm a student, do you offer student discount?". As the saying goes if you don't ask, you don't get!

3.     Free Trials

 A lot of gyms offer free trials, whether it be a day or a week, make sure you take advantage of a freebie. It's great way of getting a feel for the gym and its facilities before signing up to a monthly contract. 

4.     Opt out of additional extras

If you spend the majority of your time at the gym on the squat rack or on the treadmill, then why pay for classes? Make sure you are paying for exactly what you use, and no added extras! 

5.     Pay a year upfront

 If you can afford it, it often works out a lot cheaper to pay a year upfront. This is a good way of negotiating a greater discount.

6.   Join with friends

If you have friends or family members who are looking to join the gym at the same time as you, then all go together. Usually gyms will be able to agree a discount if a group of people join at the same time. 

7.   Join at the end of the month

 Gym reps usually have targets to meet and you'll find that often they will be more flexible with discounts if they haven't yet made their targets.

8.   Freeze your account

If you are planning on travelling or just know that you won't be in the gym a specific month then most gyms give you the option to freeze your account, in turn, saving you money.



Leah Gibbons