#AdanolaWorkout: 6 step glutes workout

It seems like everyone is aspiring to have the 'perfect bum' and it appears that bigger is deemed better - this is not just the views of Sir Mix A Lot or the Kardashian clan! It seems like half of all Instagram posts and magazine articles these days are dedicated to promoting bigger derrières. So if you're longing to have a bum to rival the girls in these articles but don't know where to start then we have you covered - just try this 6 step glutes workout, which is suitable for the gym or at home.

  1. 15 Donkey Kicks (15 on each side)
  2. 15 Bridges 
  3. 15 Forward Lunges (15 on each side)
  4. 15 Squats
  5. 15 Pile Squats 
  6. 15 Side Lunges (15 on each side) 

*Repeat 3 times*

Hyrum Cook