#AdanolaQ&A: Bree Warren

Brisbane born model Bree encapsulates what being an #Adagirl is all about.

We caught up with her to find how she maintains balance, what makes her feel confident and her tips on how to make you feel the best version of yourself!

Bree in the Adanola Red Stripe set 


What is your attitude when it comes to health and fitness? 

Everything in moderation. I really believe in being healthy but having fun at the same time! Life is meant to be enjoyed so I don’t follow strict regimes. For me, it’s always a balance between eating well, exercise and being happy. 


Do you ever have to deal with negativity on social media and if so how do you deal with it?

I have to say for the most part everyone has been pretty supportive and that blows me away! I definitely get trolls from time to time but I think it comes with the territory especially for me because I am bigger and curvier than most models. Some people just aren’t used to seeing a body like mine and you can’t blame them. There has only been one body type in fashion for so long that they don’t know any different. You’ve got to take the good with the bad and I hope that what I’m doing can change things for the next generation.


What makes you feel empowered and how do you encourage others to feel the same?

I think this always comes down to women supporting each other! I want women to feel confident in being themselves and showing off their bodies. I recently started #breekiniweekly on my Instagram for this very reason! I want everyone to feel confident, happy and sexy. It's about swimwear but I think the message reaches beyond that. It’s not about pitting sizes or body types against each other. We are all created differently and that’s OK. 


Describe your work out style?

I would swim and surf all day if I could but I’m based in New York so I’ve had to adapt. The last couple of years, I have been doing mostly Barre classes. I stear clear of super intense, crazy cardio workouts. I don’t like high intensity trainers or classes. It stresses me out! I’ve found barre the best for toning and it works the main areas I like to focus on – abs and booty. 


How does staying active make you feel?

A million times better! When I have been eating well and being active, I am so much more alert, productive and positive. There have been times when my travel schedule has been crazy and I’ve let everything slide then wound up feeling even worse. 


What makes you feel the best version of yourself?

First and foremost I think I need to be busy. I like having projects to work on and things to do. Second thing is I need to be outside and active, preferably at the beach. Last is my diet. I’ve become so much more aware of what I’m eating and how it affects me. I’m most confident when my skin is clear, I’ve got lots of energy and I’m feeling refreshed

Leah Gibbons