#AdanolaWorkout: Toned Arms

As we bid farewell to coats and jumpers and say hello to strappy and sleeveless tops for the summer season, our arms will be more on-show, soaking up the sun.

We've put together some simple arm workouts for that last minute tone-up in the gym or at home!


Hold a weight in each hand (or full water bottles for a home workout)

Keep arms to your side

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and slightly bent legs

Lean forward from the waist with the torso nearly parallel to the ground

Raise elbows until upper-arms are even with back

Extend both hands behind and bring back towards your body

Repeat 15 times for one set


Uneven Push Up:

Get into a plank position

Put your right hand on a ball (medicine ball ideally), left hand on the floor

Tensing your abs and shoulders, lower yourself towards the floor, keeping elbows in

Push yourself back up

Pass the ball to the other hand and repeat

Complete around 5 reps per side


Bench/Chair Dips:

Slide from a seated position on the bench/chair, holding yourself up with arms straight

Keep your elbows pointing directly behind you

Keeping close to the chair, slowly lower your body by bending your elbows for two counts

Straighten your arms for two counts

Repeat for 10-15 reps


Leah Gibbons