#AdanolaLife: 7 Healthy Ways to Kick-Start the Morning

Get the most out of everyday by taking these 7 simple steps the kick-start your mornings.


1. Drink 500ml of water

There's no negative to drinking water... kick start your metabolism, flush out toxins, keep hydrated. The list goes on. 

2. Stretch

Be it a quick 15 second stretch or a 90 minute yoga session, stretching helps get your blood flowing and release stress for the day ahead.

3. Take deep breaths

Taking deep breaths relaxes the mind and body and brings clarity. After all, we all tend to be thinking a little fuzzy in the mornings. 

4. Make the bed

A tidy home brings a tidy mind...

5. Read a motivational quote

Feel-good quotes allow you to think about what intentions you want to set for the day ahead. We love Shine Text for some daily motivation. 

6. Complete 30 minutes of cardio

There's nothing more energising than a boost of cardio in the morning! Getting it out of the way earlier means one less thing to think about for the rest of the day.

7. Wake up early

Rushing around in the morning kicks the day off in a negative way. Why not set your alarm 30 minutes earlier than you need to? Those extra 30 minutes let you get numbers 1-5 completed with time to spare. (Set it a little earlier for number 6).

Leah Gibbons