#AdanolaLife: 4 Fitness Trends of 2017

Wellness and healthy living has become a big trend this year (and we're all for it)! With the healthy eating and rise in fitness bloggers has come and emergence of workout trends - many partnered with stylish studios.

These are the four top trendy workouts of 2017 and why they're so popular...


1. Barre

The ballet inspired workout is perfect for correcting your posture, muscle definition and flexibility. It's also great for feeling like a ballerina.


2. Pilates

Pilates can be done with specialised equipment in studios but there's also mat pilates that can be done in smaller spaces or even at home. The workout strengthens your whole body but mostly your core and improves flexibility.


3. Yoga/Meditation

Wellness and mindfullness has become a huge trend throughout 2017, be it group or solo yoga classes, a 10 minute meditation each morning or a month long yoga retreat to the depths of Bali. Yoga and meditation not only supports a healthy mindset and stress relief but is also amazing for general fitness and flexibility.


4. Spin/Cycle

30-60 minutes of calorie burning, endurance building cycling. It doesn't get much more motivating that being in a disco-lit room with loud music and an overly-enthusiastic instructor yelling at you. Sounds terrifying, feels amazing!


Leah Gibbons